Our Team

Penny & Kristen met in October of 2015, and both recognised in the other, a mutual desire to help people. They decided to collaborate, and have developed a range of services that aim to help families struggling to know where to begin looking for information and services after a diagnosis.

Kristen White is an experienced educator who has worked across all schooling sectors, including a Primary School Disability Unit and TAFE. She is well connected in the special needs and disability community and brings a huge array of skills to Spectrum SA.

Kristen is a wife and mother to three adult children, one of whom has Down Syndrome. Her family has navigated the vast network of bureaucracies to transition their son through the school sector and now into employment. She has a “lived” experience as well as a career dedicated to helping others. Kristen is much loved by her students and their families, and was nominated for an Excellence in Teaching award in 2015.

Throughout her career, she has played a large part in helping and organising others to find solutions to difficult and complex situations. She brings clarity and calm that puts a person at ease instantly.

Together, these ladies’ unique, complimentary skills, knowledge & experience, create a synergy that will benefit and add value to their client’s experience. The combination of their efforts results in a greater output than what they would have achieved if they had each worked alone.

Penny &  Kristen are committed to helping families and their local community. Businesses and education organisations will find added value through strategies that increase efficiencies, and strategic fits when dealing with disabled people/employees.